Natalya is on her way to the Emergency Room…

Natalya and her grandmother, Olga, were in the back of an ambulance on their way to the Emergency Room.  “Everything’s going to be okay grandma,” she kept saying over and over again. Natalya knew she had to remain calm for the woman who raised her since she was a little girl, but on the inside she was falling apart. What if she doesn’t make itIs she strong enough to survive another heart attack? [rfm-reveal title=”Read More”]At the root of Natalya’s anxiety was the language barrier.  Natalya and Olga recently moved to the U.S. from their native Russia, and although Natalya started taking English classes at the local college, she was far from fluent.  She had no idea how she was going to communicate with the hospital staff.  How will they know about my grandmother’s heart conditionWill they be able to read her medication record, which is written entirely in RussianDo they have a Russian speaking doctor on staff or will they need to bring in an interpreter?  How long will that take, and will it be too late?  She wanted to ask the paramedics how her grandmother was doing but she didn’t know how.  As the minutes passed, Natalya grew more and more anxious.  She wanted to scream; she wanted to cry; but more than anything, she wanted her grandmother to be okay.

When they finally arrived at the hospital Natalya was shaking.  They immediately got Olga into a room and started evaluating her.  Natalya watched from the corner, wishing there was something she could do.  Just then, a woman appeared on a video monitor next to her grandmother’s hospital bed and started speaking…in Russian!  “I am your medical interpreter,” said the woman.  “I will interpret everything the doctor says to you into Russian.  Can you tell me if your grandmother is currently on any medications for her heart?”  The sight of the interpreter was all Natalya needed to calm her nerves and focus.  She answered all of the doctor’s questions about her grandmother’s medical history.  It wasn’t long before Natalya heard the words she had been waiting to hear all day: “Your grandmother’s going to be okay.”

LSA helps people like Natalya.


“LSA’s video remote interpreting service has been received very positively by both the hospital staff and our patients.  Not only is the technology user-friendly and available on demand, but we have realized a major reduction in costs, as well as a savings in time and an improvement in overall efficiency, using the video interpretation technology provided by LSA.”

– Father Martin Hebda, Vice President, Spirituality and Mission
Mercy Hospital & Medical Center, Chicago, IL

How Does It Work?

When you’re looking for a more intimate interpretation experience than over the phone, and you don’t have the time or budget to schedule an on-site interpreter, then video remote interpreting (VRI) is the answer for you!  Connect to highly-qualified interpreters from the convenience of your mobile device or computer in just seconds.  Get a low per-minute rate while eliminating travel time, mileage, advanced scheduling and wait time associated with face-to-face interpreting. Setting up VRI at your location is easy!  All you need is Internet access, a mobile device or computer and a webcam; there’s no expensive equipment to rent or purchase.  Just log-in to our completely secure system, select your language and wait for the interpreter to appear on the screen.  With our high-resolution video and audio connection, you’ll be able to see and hear the interpreter as if they were right there in the room with you. Interested in learning more about video interpreting?  Take a look at our VRI quick facts and watch our demo video. You can also read our video remote interpreting FAQs here.

Who's Using It?

Companies across the healthcare, education and government sectors rely on our VRI service every day for instant real-time communication…Learn More.

Why Should I Use LSA's Video Interpreting Solutions?

When you choose us for video interpreting, you’ll receive the highest quality interpretations, the best customer service and the most advanced real-time reporting options.  You’ll also have the unique opportunity to manage all of your language solutions through one vendor.  Learn more about the advantages of a partnership with LSA below.

Qualified LinguistsCustomer ServiceReal-Time Reporting
We aim to provide the highest quality interpretations, every time.  All of our American Sign Language (ASL) video remote interpreters are certified by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID).  And all of our foreign language interpreters go through a robust Interpreter Selection Process before being added to our network and eligible to take video interpreting calls.  During this verification process, we validate the interpreter’s language proficiency and assess their interpreting skills with a series of tests.  Interested in learning more about our strict quality standards?  Take a look at our six-step Interpreter Selection Process here.
We take customer service very seriously.  Our employees promise to provide the little extras that make a big difference, ensuring you always have a positive experience.  Need proof?  In a recent survey, 90.6% of our clients reported “LSA employees approach every situation with passion and purpose.”  We understand that “customer service” is a pretty vague term, so here’s what you can expect from us:

  • A dedicated Client Services department that’s devoted to providing professional, caring and timely support
  • 24 / 7 live customer service support
  • A streamlined 8-step Client Services Feedback Process designed to document, investigate and resolve all client feedback
  • A robust 8-step Implementation Process for new clients
  • Refresher training and re-inservicing for existing clients
  • User education materials and interactive tutorials available on our Client Education Web Portal
  • The ability to contact a member of our Client Services team by phone, e-mail, live chat or social media with an average response time of 30 minutes (during standard business hours)
Access your most pertinent video interpreting data in real-time with just the click of a button!  Pull customized reports based on language, location, requester, time of day and trend activity levels in just seconds through our completely secure, easy-to-use INTERPRETRAC® platform.  Use this real-time business intelligence data to reduce cost, increase efficiency and better meet the needs of your diverse clients. Contact an LSA representative for a free INTERPRETRAC® demo today

How Do I Get Started?

Getting started with LSA is easy!  Call us at 800.305.9673 X55305 for your free language services consultation or contact us online.

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