Over the Phone Interpretation Helps People GROW THRIVE SURVIVE Over the Phone Interpretation Helps People GROW THRIVE SURVIVE

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Fernando and Sofía are having a baby…

Fernando and Sofía were over the moon as they anticipated the arrival of their first child, a boy! There was one thing on their minds, however. Fernando struggled with English and had a difficult time understanding the doctor. While Sofía understood a bit more than her husband, she knew she wasn’t getting every last detail. They spent many evenings talking about what they thought the doctor meant at their last visit. They both let it go. Everyone said this hospital was one of the best. They delivered healthy babies every day and knew how to handle any situation. Worrying wouldn’t get them anywhere. Read More

It was an early Saturday morning, before sunrise, when Fernando heard his wife call from the bathroom. The time had come! He rushed Sofía to the hospital and was relieved to see the doctor was already there. The nurse quickly got Sofía into a room and started monitoring her contractions. Fernando held his wife’s hand and tried to comfort her. As the minutes passed, Sofía seemed to be in more and more distress. Fernando wanted to ask what was happening, but didn’t know how. Suddenly, the nurse pushed him back and the doctor started speaking in an intense voice. Fernando knew something was wrong – with his wife, his son, maybe both – but he couldn’t understand what the doctor was saying. He looked over the nurse’s shoulder at his wife lying there in pain and felt helpless, even ashamed. It was then that the nurse handed Fernando a phone.

He saw that the nurse had a phone also. Hesitantly, Fernando put the receiver up to his ear. He heard a calm voice on the other end say in Spanish: “I am your medical interpreter. I will interpret everything the nurse says to you into Spanish. Your baby has turned the wrong way in Sofía’s uterus and the umbilical cord is wrapped around his neck. We need your permission to perform an emergency Cesarean Section. Do you understand?” He did. At that moment, Fernando felt a sense of relief. Finally, he could understand; he could communicate; he could fulfill his role as husband and father.

Fernando watched as they quickly prepared his wife for surgery. In what seemed like a matter of seconds, he was holding his newborn son in his arms. He was beautiful, healthy and happy, just like his mother.

LSA helps people like Fernando and Sofía.

“LSA has been an incredible addition to the patient care we provide. Through their over the phone interpretation service, we are quickly able to obtain the information we need to deliver the highest quality of care to our diverse patients and their family members. Prior to the availability of LSA’s language services, there could be delays of one to two hours to get the detailed information we needed. My staff loves LSA’s dual handset interpretation phones and it’s a great tool to expedite the care of our non-English speaking patients.”

– Pam Dwyer, RN, Nursing Director, Emergency Department
Methodist Children’s Hospital, San Antonio, TX

How Does It Work?

When you need an interpreter immediately we’re only a phone call away!  Just dial your dedicated number, enter your unique access code and request your interpreter.  It’s as simple as that.  Within seconds, a highly qualified interpreter will come on the line and help you communicate with the non-English speaker.  Achieve total understanding, regardless of the language, while consistently delivering a better client experience. Are you new to telephone interpreting?  Be sure to check out our demo video so you can see how telephone interpreting works and how easy it is to use.  You can also visit our FAQs page and view our telephone interpreting quick facts.

Who's Using It?

Companies across every major industry use our telephone interpreting service to get the cultural support they need…Learn More.

Why Should I Use LSA's Over the Phone Interpretation Solutions?

When you choose us as your over the phone interpretation provider, you’ll receive the highest quality interpretations, top-notch customer care and real-time reporting of data.  And because we offer a full spectrum of language solutions, you’ll have the unique opportunity to manage your entire language services plan through one vendor.  Learn more about the advantages of a partnership with LSA below.

Qualified LinguistsCustomer Service Real-Time Reporting
Place your trust in us and never worry about accuracy and meaning.  We promise to provide our clients with the highest quality interpretations.  Before a over the phone interpreter is accepted into our network and eligible to take calls, their qualifications are thoroughly evaluated.  We put all candidates through a robust Interpreter Selection Process to validate their language proficiency and assess interpreting skills.  Learn more about our six-step Interpreter Selection Process here.
We’re known for our commitment to service excellence and our dedicated, friendly and knowledgeable staff.  But don’t take our word for it, see what our clients have to say!  In a recent survey, 90.5% of respondents reported “LSA employees maintain a positive, can-do attitude at all times.”  And when our clients were asked what they like most about working with LSA, the top answers were: the people, the customer service and quality of the interpretation.  We understand that “customer service” can be a pretty vague term, so we’re breaking it down for you.  Here’s what you can expect when you partner with us:

  • A dedicated Client Services department that’s devoted to providing professional, caring and timely support
  • 24 / 7 live customer service support
  • A streamlined 8-step Client Services Feedback Process designed to document, investigate and resolve all client feedback
  • A robust 8-step Implementation Process for new clients
  • Refresher training and re-inservicing for existing clients
  • User education materials and interactive tutorials available on our Client Education Web Portal
  • The ability to contact a member of our Client Services team by phone, e-mail, live chat or social media with an average response time of 30 minutes (during standard business hours)
Thanks to our proprietary Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) system and real-time reporting platform, you’ll have access to your most pertinent telephone interpreting call data and activity usage in real-time with just the click of a button!  Pull customized reports based on language, location, requester, time of day and trend activity levels in just seconds through our completely secure, easy-to-use INTERPRETRAC® platform.  Use this real-time business intelligence data to reduce cost, increase efficiency and better meet the needs of your diverse clients. Contact an LSA representative for a free INTERPRETRAC® demo today

How Do I Get Started?

Getting started with LSA’s over the phone interpretation service is easy!  Call us at 800.305.9673 X55305 for your free language services consultation or contact us online.

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