American Sign Language Helps People UNDERSTAND OVERCOME TRUST American Sign Language Helps People UNDERSTAND OVERCOME TRUST

Mary is getting ready for an important job interview…

Mary, a single mother of two young girls, has a big job interview coming up. Out of work for the past nine months and struggling to make ends meet, Mary knows how important this interview is. She has spent hours upon hours preparing; she’s researched the company, rehearsed her responses and updated her writing portfolio. When the day finally arrives, Mary makes her way to the interview an hour ahead of schedule. She wants to arrive extra early to make a good impression. She has also arranged to meet her interpreter in the reception area. Mary is Deaf. Read More

After checking in with the receptionist, Mary takes a seat in the lobby. Five minutes goes by and there’s still no sign of her interpreter. She must be running late, Mary thinks to herself. She brushes it off. After another five minutes goes by, Mary begins to worry. What if the interpreter has the wrong address or the wrong interview time? Mary knows there is no way she can do this interview without an interpreter, and she starts to panic. Will I need to cancel? Will that reflect poorly on me? Will they even be willing to reschedule? Mary knows the stakes are high. Her bills are piling up and she simply cannot afford to be out of work any longer. She needs this interview to go well. Mary pictures her daughters’ beautiful faces and she starts to tear up. Everything is crumbling right in front of her and she feels helpless.

Just then, a young woman enters the reception area and starts signing to Mary in American Sign Language (ASL). At the sight of her, Mary instantly feels a sense of relief. The interpreter quickly explains that she was waiting for the HR Director to arrive so that she could sign-in for the assignment, a requirement of the language services company she partners with. Mary can’t help but feel a little foolish for the way she overreacted. All that worrying was for nothing! She is more eager than ever to get started with the interview. She is confident she’s the best candidate for the job, and now she’s ready to prove it.

LSA helps people like Mary.

“We recently had a hearing impaired patient scheduled for surgery who was in need of an ASL interpreter.  Unfortunately, this need was only made known to us the day before the surgery.  I immediately contacted LSA and our dedicated Account Manager went to great lengths to ensure we had the video interpreting service set up for surgery the next day so that we could access an ASL interpreter.  How he did it should be a case study on going above and beyond for the client and the patient, providing the little extras that truly make a difference.”

– Francis A. Pommett, Jr. LFACHE, Chief Operating Officer
Shands Lake Shore Regional Medical Center, Lake City, FL

How Does It Work?

Our professional sign language interpreting solutions have been designed with you in mind.  We’ll help you communicate with your Deaf and Hard of Hearing clients when it matters the most.  For those times when you need to access an ASL interpreter on demand, our video interpreting service is the perfect solution.  Connect to RID-certified sign language interpreters from the convenience of your computer in just seconds.  And when your assignment requires a more personal touch, just log-in to our completely secure online scheduling platform and request a face-to-face sign language interpreter.  Visit our ASL quick facts page to learn more.

Who's Using It?

Leading corporations across the U.S. and Canada, including those providing healthcare, education, government and legal services, place their trust in us every day to communicate with their Deaf and Hard of Hearing clients, patients, employees and students…Learn More.

Why Should I Use LSA's American Sign Language Solutions?

When you select us for sign language interpreting, you’re guaranteed high-quality interpretations, a great customer experience, real-time reporting of data and 24 / 7 access to an easy-to-use online scheduling platform.  And if you’re taking advantage of our full spectrum of language solutions, manage your entire language services workflow through one vendor.  A partnership with LSA means you’ll benefit in the following ways:

Qualified InterpretersCustomer Service Real-Time ReportingOnline Scheduling
The Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) serves as the national standard for ASL interpretation certification.  Some states also offer their own certification.  We put all of our ASL interpreters through a rigorous screening and qualification process.  This ensures we provide interpreters who are best matched for their experience, skills and credentials to your requests.  Our sign language interpreters also follow the industry recognized standard Code of Professional Conduct, which includes an adherence to the standards of confidential communication and a guide to ethical decision making.
We’re passionate about helping people and delivering the best customer service possible.  Our employees come to work every day knowing they’re making a real difference in the world; we help millions of non-English speakers and Deaf and Hard of Hearing consumers survive and thrive.  This passion for helping others is what drives our culture of service excellence.  So what does this all mean for you?  It means you have a dedicated team that’s committed to keeping you happy and informed.  Here are some of the ways you’ll benefit from a partnership with us:

  • A dedicated Client Services department that’s devoted to providing professional, caring and timely support
  • 24 / 7 live customer service support
  • A streamlined 8-step Client Services Feedback Process designed to document, investigate and resolve all client feedback
  • A robust 8-step Implementation Process for new clients
  • Refresher training and re-inservicing for existing clients
  • User education materials and interactive tutorials available on our Client Education Web Portal
  • The ability to contact a member of our Client Services team by phone, e-mail, live chat or social media with an average response time of 30 minutes (during standard business hours)
Get the data you need in real-time with just the click of a button through our completely secure, easy-to-use INTERPRETRAC® platform.  Use this real-time business intelligence data to reduce cost, increase efficiency and better meet the needs of your Deaf and Hard of Hearing clients. Contact an LSA representative for your free INTERPRETRAC® demo today!
Use our online platform to schedule, change and monitor all of your ASL face-to-face interpreting requests from your computer!  You’ll also be able to create and view billing reports and sort them by date and location.  No more waiting until the end of a billing cycle to analyze total spend.  Our clients love being able to schedule ASL interpretation assignments at their convenience without ever having to send an e-mail or pick up the phone!  And if you do want to speak with someone directly, our dedicated face-to-face interpreting coordinators are available and happy to help.

How Do I Get Started?

Getting started with LSA is easy!  Call us at 800.305.9673 X55305 for your free language services consultation or contact us online.

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