As a professional language services provider in business since 1991, we’ve built a global network of more than 12,000 active interpreters and translators.  Our linguists have a very high level of education (many have post-graduate degrees), years of relevant industry experience and the necessary credentials for working in the medical and legal sectors.

“Let me take the time to congratulate LSA for being the best organized entity I have encountered.  Your orientation and training materials are second to none.  The LSA staff is very professional and attentive.  LSA should be proud of what it has achieved. Yours is a very well put together and thought out product.”

– Eduardo L., Spanish Interpreter

We’re committed to providing the highest quality language services support.  Before an interpreter is accepted into our network, their qualifications are thoroughly evaluated.  Our robust Interpreter Selection Process starts with a review of the interpreter’s general qualifications.  More specifically, we look at the interpreter’s education, training, practical experience and credentials, among other areas.  We then administer a series of tests to validate the interpreter’s language proficiency and assess their interpreting skills.  Upon completion of the testing, we assign the interpreter a rank based on the following key competency indicators: command of the foreign language(s) and general interpreting ability; spoken command of English; and specializations (i.e., medical and legal).

Before being activated to our network, all interpreters must attend a general orientation that covers industry standards, protocols and best practices.  After successfully completing the vendor orientation, the interpreter is officially placed into our network and eligible to begin accepting calls / assignments, but the verification process does not end there.  We regularly evaluate interpreters’ performances to ensure all client requirements and expectations are being met.

Once an interpreter is activated and placed into our network, they have unlimited access to a number of helpful resource documents and training materials.  Some of these items include industry and company-specific glossaries and vocabulary lists, as well as online comprehension tests.  Interpreters review these documents on an ongoing basis so that they are fully equipped to provide the highest quality interpretation service possible.

The majority of our interpreters possess the necessary credentials to interpret in the medical and legal fields.  We also have a large pool of interpreters who have passed rigorous government background checks and security clearances, and who have received the necessary immunizations to work in the medical setting.  Whatever your specific service requirement may be, we’ll design a dedicated pool of interpreters to meet your needs!

LSA’s Six-Step Interpreter Selection Process

Step 1

Verify General Qualifications

Step 2

Validate Language Proficiency and Assess Interpreting Skills

Step 3

Ensure Interpreters Understand Their Role in LSA’s Network

Step 4

Activate Interpreters to LSA's Network

Step 5

Seek and Act on Client Feedback

Step 6

Continue Assessing Credentials and Qualifications

Majority of Our Interpreters Have the Following