A Faster, Easier, Better Interpreting Experience

What is LSA Express Connect?

With LSA Express Connect, the LEP user first calls LSA on a language specific toll-free number and we handle all intake. LSA then gets a qualified interpreter on the line and connects everyone.

Your conversation begins immediately and without interruptions!

LSA Express Connect streamlines the process so your time is spent fully engaging with your customer or patient. It’s traditional interpretation by telephone in reverse.

LSA Express Connect is available in top common languages to fast track and enhance the interpreting by telephone process. Experience faster, easier, better over the phone interpreting. Experience LSA Express Connect!

How is LSA Express Connect faster, easier, and better?

With LSA Express Connect, you don’t have to find special equipment, toll free numbers, or pin/language codes.

Calls come to you with both the LEP user and interpreter already on the line.

The moment you join the call, you can start talking about your customer’s or patient’s needs. All the administrative matters are already taken care of in advance.

LSA Express Connect reduces hit-or-miss language identification and “one moment please” fumbles.

You spend less time trying to communicate unsuccessfully before obtaining interpretation support.

Your customers and patients are greeted in their preferred language right away and efficiently routed to their intended destination – you!

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