The difference between healthy outcomes and dangerous mistakes is the ability to communicate.

Announcing an industry first. ViTel Net and Language Services Associates (LSA) are excited to announce a new platform integration that enables clinicians to immediately add an interpreter to a telehealth video encounter within the existing clinical workflow, regardless of physician or patient location – with just three clicks.

Learn how this new integration can improve patient-clinician communication, enhance patient safety, save time, reduce costs and meet compliance guidelines.

Easy access to interpreters within the telehealth workflow.

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Click and connect

No fumbling with additional devices

No administrative coordination

Reduce risk of medical errors with effective communication that uses qualified interpreters.

Lower costly hospital stays and readmission rates.

Eliminate language barrier

Transform patient/physician relationship and interaction

Improve patient experience

Meet ADA and ACA compliance standards and government regulations

Eliminate software client installation or investment in single purpose hardware

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