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Language Services Associates’ new Instant Remote Interpretation Services (IRIS) platform. Using our secure and encrypted network, IRIS quickly connects you to a qualified interpreter from the convenience of your computer, tablet, or smart phone. With the simple flick of a switch you can choose between IRIS’s video or voice call options. Whether it’s for a medical emergency, a court proceeding or a business conference, IRIS provides a clear, high-quality connection that will make you feel as if the interpreter is right there with you. With more than 240 available languages including American Sign Language (ASL) and many rare languages, IRIS is an easy, cost-effective way to meet your language interpretation needs.

When a language barrier leaves you in the dark… It’s time to open your IRIS

With the IRIS App, you get…

IRIS supports iOS, Android and Windows OS. Whatever your preferred device — iPad, tablet, laptop, or smart phone —IRIS has you covered.

Choosing between audio or video services is as easy as flicking a switch. Log in once and stay logged in using our HIPPA compliant encryption.

Set your universal password and it will work on any device.

More than 240 languages available, including rare languages and American Sign Language (ASL). With IRIS you’ll have access to qualified video-capable interpreters in 15 of the most commonly requested languages, 24×7.

You have complete control. No matter what device, OS, or browser, whether wired or wireless, voice or video, IRIS supports it.

Industry leading adaptive video technology, IRIS’s ULTRA HD 4K video exceeds industry standards for ASL. While our comprehensive interpreter qualification process, feedback surveys and network monitoring will assure you’ll get exceptional service.

IRIS is backed by more than a quarter of a century of experience. Founded in 1991 by an interpreter, LSA has been offering audio interpretation for over 25 years and video interpretation for more than a decade.

IRIS is easy to use. The installation process is easy and once installed using IRIS is as simple as opening an App.

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