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Data Encryption and Compliance

Is your PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and PHI (Protected Health Information) secure?

Does your Language Services Provider (LSP) protect your data? Take this simple quiz to find out.

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Data Breaches in the Digital Age

As you know, data breaches seem to happen more and more frequently, subjecting private information to theft by unknown hackers across the globe.  Every day millions of records are compromised through systems that don’t use encryption.  As technology continues to grow at an astounding pace, now is the time to ensure that you’re working with an organization that takes the security of your data seriously.

Protecting Your Information

We understand that now more than ever the protection of PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and PHI (Protected Health Information) is vital to maintaining individual privacy and ensuring compliance with federal law and industry regulations. That’s why we’ve built our process from the ground up using best practices in data security and encryption to ensure that your confidential data is transmitted securely.

Penalties Can Cost Millions

Penalties for noncompliance with HIPAA regulations can result in fines up to $50,000 per violation, with a maximum penalty of $1.5 million per year. Willful neglect may carry criminal charges that could possibly result in jail time.  Are you working with an organization that’s committed to protecting sensitive information?