Improve the collection of receivables and increase your revenues with our interpretation and translation solutions.

Use our over the phone interpretation service to process requests quickly in your customers preferred language.

Qualified Interpreters

How are you currently meeting the needs of your non-English speaking customers?  Whether they’re calling to report a service issue, inquire about a payment or switch service plans, you need to communicate with them in a language they understand.  Let us help you!  With our over the phone translation service, you’ll have access to qualified interpreters in more than 200 languages in just seconds.  We’ll connect you with an experienced interpreter that’s familiar with utilities procedures and industry-specific terminology.  Your customers will appreciate the extra steps you’ve taken to provide in-language assistance, resulting in higher satisfaction and retention rates.

Professional Translation and Localization Solutions

Are you interested in reducing inbound call volume and total call duration, improving overall contact center efficiency?  Consider having your website FAQs professionally translated and localized in your top languages, giving your customers the option to find the answers they need with just the click of a button.  We’ll also help you translate your bills, letters, statements and forms to ensure total understanding.

All translations will be performed by native speaking linguists who possess subject-specific expertise in the utilities field.

All translators are certified by reputable associations or have the equivalent in experience and education, such as:

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The Bottom Line

A partnership with LSA will help you achieve the following:


the collection of receivables and increase your revenues


with privacy and security regulations


the utilization and productivity of bilingual call center agents


higher satisfaction and retention rates


inbound call volume and total call duration for improved contact center efficiency


a strong international brand