How LSA Helped AsylumWorks Support Afghan Migrants Overcome Challenges


AsylumWorks is a nationally recognized nonprofit organization providing asylum seekers and other forced migrants with culturally and linguistically appropriate services to reduce health disparities shown to adversely impact immigration legal case outcomes.   


In recent years, AsylumWorks has seen a significant increase in the number of asylum seekers from Afghanistan. Many of these individuals are highly skilled professionals, such as doctors, teachers, and engineers. However, these migrants often lack English proficiency, making it difficult to access the support services they need. 


AsylumWorks partnered with Language Services Associates (LSA) to provide language interpretation services to its Afghan clients. LSA has a vast network of qualified interpreters in over 230 languages, including Pashto and Dari, the two most common languages Afghan refugees speak. 

The vast network of qualified interpreters has been instrumental in providing AsylumWorks with the ability to reach out to more people and ensure their safety, security, comfort, and trust, getting the most from their programs.   


Since partnering with LSA, AsylumWorks has better served its Afghan clients. With the help of interpreters, AsylumWorks has provided comprehensive support services and employment assistance. As a result, AsylumWorks has seen a significant increase in the number of Afghan Pastho and Dari clients who are able to successfully integrate into American society. 

The collaboration between AsylumWorks and LSA is a model for how language services can be used to help refugees and asylum seekers rebuild their lives in new countries. By providing language interpretation services, LSA has helped AsylumWorks to provide comprehensive support services to its Afghan clients. As a result, AsylumWorks has been able to offer comprehensive soft skill and cultural training for Afghan asylum seekers to the US, increasing employability and opportunity. In addition, AsylumWorks has partnered with LSA to access its network of 7,000 linguists proficient in over 230 languages. This partnership aims to create a world where asylum seekers are welcomed, respected, and can live safely and securely.  

Quote from Joan Hodges-Wu, Founder and Executive Director at AsylumWorks 

“We are grateful for our relationship with LSA. LSA’s language interpretation services have been invaluable in helping us to provide comprehensive support in-language to our Afghan clients. Thanks to LSA, we have been able to help more Afghan refugees rebuild their lives in the United States”