LSA has always done an outstanding job. They perform services in a timely manner and demonstrate effective management over the services performed. They are very responsive and quick in solving issues. All requests are handled efficiently and timely.”

- Employee at the United States Department of Justice

You can depend on Language Services Associates (LSA) to meet all of your multilingual communication needs.  We are proud to offer a full range of language translation services and language interpreter services, including Translation and Localization, Video Remote Interpreting (VRI), INTERPRETALK® Interpreting by Telephone (IBT), Face-to-Face Interpreting, American Sign Language (ASL), Language Assessments and Intercultural Consulting.

Whether you are opening a new office or launching a new product, sending an e-mail or treating a patient, deposing a witness or servicing a client, you can always rely on LSA’s full suite of cutting-edge translation and interpreting services to effectively communicate with your Limited English Proficient (LEP) populations. Because we promise to consistently provide superior results, fast connect times, adherence to deadlines and an unprecedented customer service model, some of the world’s most reputable companies rely on us every day to help facilitate foreign language communication and eliminate multicultural communication barriers.

Translation and Localization

LSA is transforming the way professional language translation services are delivered in today’s global marketplace.  Our comprehensive ecosystem of leading translation technology vendors allows us to utilize different technologies, products and solutions to meet the individual needs of each client. Please click here to learn more about LSA’s Translation and Localization service offering.

Video Remote Interpreting

Video Remote Interpreting is ideal when you need to access an Interpreter on demand and the telephonic interpretation method is not appropriate or feasible for the situation.  LSA Video, Inc. is proud to offer video interpretation services in multiple language offerings, including American Sign Language and Spanish on demand.  Please click here to learn more about LSA Video’s Video Remote Interpreting service.

INTERPRETALK® Interpreting by Telephone

The fastest and easiest way to access an Interpreter on demand is through LSA’s telephone interpreting service. You will be connected to a qualified and experienced telephone Interpreter in over 200 language offerings in less than 30 seconds.  Please click here to learn more about LSA’s INTERPRETALK® Interpreting by Telephone service.

Face-to-Face Interpreting

Our Face-to-Face Interpreting service is the perfect solution when you need an Interpreter physically present, such as a medical appointment, court case or conference.  LSA is proud to offer highly-qualified and professional face-to-face simultaneous Interpreters and face-to-face consecutive Interpreters through our network of Independently Contracted Linguists.  Please click here to learn more about LSA’s Face-to-Face Interpreting service.

American Sign Language

LSA is proud to offer both RID certified and non-RID certified American Sign Language Interpreters to help clients meet the needs of their Deaf and Hard of Hearing populations.  Through our network of Linguists, we provide ASL Interpreters via the Face-to-Face Interpreting and Video Remote Interpreting service lines.  Please click here to learn more about LSA’s American Sign Language service.

Language Assessments

When it comes to meeting the needs of an increasingly diverse patient population, effective and accurate communication is a critical aspect of safe, high-quality patient care.  LSA’s Language Assessment Program is designed to help hospitals and healthcare organizations assess the foreign language proficiency and interpreting ability of its dual-role bilingual employees and prospective medical Interpreters. Please click here to learn more about LSA’s Language Assessment service.

Intercultural Consulting

LSA’s Intercultural Consulting service is designed to help companies meet their global business objectives and succeed in a global marketplace.  Our Cultural Advisory Group is equipped to guide clients in the areas of ethnic marketing, multicultural training and multimedia consultation.  Please click here to learn more about LSA’s Intercultural Consulting service.