Interpreters at UNC Hospitals carry iPod Touch to stay connected

  • November 9, 2009
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ipodtouch2gjailbreakAt UNC Hospitals,  the Interpreter Services department has dropped cell phones and pagers for a more advanced technology that will be more effective in meeting their needs: the Apple iPod Touch .  About a year ago, the medical center began installing a WiFi system that would allow the use of a wireless handheld device, rather than a pager or cell phone.

With the iPod Touch, the on-site Interpreters are always connected, no matter where they might be located inside of the hospital.  Additionally, when an Interpreter responds to a request, all the other Interpreters can see that response instantaneously.  Many tasks that use to require a computer, such as consulting a bilingual medical dictionary, can now be done through a handheld device.

This new technology has been very well received by the hospitals interpreting staff.  “The iPod Touch has greatly reduced a lot of the frustrations we used to have with our pagers and our cell phones,” said Reyes Alonso, UNC Hospitals’ lead Interpreter.  “I love it.”

Interested in reading more about how Interpreters at UNC Hospitals are using the iPod Touch to stay connected?  Please click here to read the full article.

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