Lifeline for Hearing-Impaired at Ballparks


Patti White works on her transcription duties at a Cardinals game.

Some Major League Baseball stadiums across the country are stepping up to the plate to have games captioned in real-time for deaf and hearing-impaired fans. Teams such as the Phillies, Mets, Yankees and Cardinals have set aside a space on their scoreboard for closed captioning.

This article features one woman in particular, St. Louis based mother Patti White, who works from her home to type the captions for games. A former court reporter and a native Cardinals fan, White was naturally drawn to the position.

White focuses on captioning in between the innings. Things like the announcements, promotions and commercials are most important because all of the information during the innings is posted on the scoreboard anyway.

“I just want all the fans, including the hearing-impaired fans, to be able to have the same experience,” she says.

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